How many bikes can you fit into a car

Flippin flip flip! What happened there!?!!

I’m assuming thats a left hand drive car. Either way, biker would have gone over the roof and may have lived, driver probably had to have a coffin with enough room for a bike wheel in the head!

Actually, looking at the shape of the roof, Maybe he didn’t make it over the top :s

Owch :frowning:

i think this was ‘staged’ as a warning/advert of some sort

I think its part of a campaign for biker awareness yes, but no idea if it was staged - i hope so! - coz the site is subscription to read the article.

Answers here

I thought it was a bad taste joke when I first saw it - but yeah it’s true - as shown in the link above.

I remember being shown the newspaper at the time it happens by my ex mother in law whilst visiting her in Finland.