How lucky was that!


+1 for not bitchslaping the driver.

This guy is even luckier, watch it to the end!

#2 Lucky fugger!

#1 what a moron driver… Well done to the guy walking off to calm down!!

wow lucky man, +1 well done for walking away from her

dozy ******* slag. I wouldnt have been able to resist I dont think.

Exactly this happened to me at Apex Corner on friday. Took my plates off and messed up my exhaust along with a small part of the saddle. I have to say though, that guy was super lucky. I’m surprised he could stand up, the force of one of these knocks can screw with your back.

Strange with the first one… no sound of skidding tyres under braking at all?

#1 - Same thing happend to my mate outside Essential Rubber last week.

Sanpped the subframe off from the frame but the bike did not go down just wedged with the wheel under the car and the tail unit over the bonnet.