How Loud is Too Loud???

I’ve just fitted a Full Yoshimura System to my GSXR 750.

My Bolt On Stubby Yoshi before hand was Loud but not stupid Loud, it was a nice deep throaty sound that i really liiked. This one is Also a Stubby but with it being a Full System is a bit Louder and it also really Burbles and Pops on Run Off. I love it!! but i have noticed an increasing number of people looking as i go past, even at low speeds it draws attention.

I’m wondering if i have done the wrong thing by cutting the Yoshi Pipe into a Stubby. Whats peopls opinions of Loud Pipes?

Chavvy or OK???

Stubbies are for chavs. The Style Police demand you fit a proper can. Nothing up with a loud can but don’t fit a stubby!

if you start setting off car alarms I’d say it’s unsociably loud.

I’d also say it’s awesome.

If you start the bike up at 6am and you piss of the neighbours you like, as opposed to the neighbours you don’t like, it might be a bit too loud.

lol, no not setting off alarms yet!

It had to be turned into a Stubby as the can was damaged and needed trimming down to get rid of the dents/Scratches etc. I would’ve preffered it a little longer but not full length as i think they are just too long on the Older bikes, i like the more compact modern looking exhausts.

I got a Yoshi slip on on my rr and thought that was quite loud but then I heard the Ducati Duvalle and no longer worry :D.

If you like it then don’t worry about it, do you have the baffle in as well?

No Baffle no. Didn’t come with one.

I have a Harley down the road from me that is twice as loud as mine and that looks like it has factory pipes still on it!!

It’s just more noticeable as i get more people turning round and staring than i did before which is making me a bit paranoid.

If you get a fail on your MOT it’s too loud, otherwise if you get one of these

It’s just right :wink:

Drats… too loud then.


Just bang it up a gear, keep it low revs and you’ll be fine. OR just dont care and ride!!! I had a big single cylinder (drz400sm) with MRD race system from america which is VERY VERY LOUD.

People moaned in the area but who cares :smiley:

sod being your Neighbour!! lol

Well I sold it in March and now my current bike has a stock system on :smiley: They are defiantly more happy now but I am actually bidding on a full system for my xj6 haha

Had standard pipes on when I got pulled and was told to fit louder pipes by the officer. However they now make Rusty"s head ache:Whistling:

With baffles they are sociable, so I just put them in if riding in company.

:w00t:what was that? didn’t quite catch what you said officer…:wink:

if you want to set car alarms off, just pin it in a multi story.:w00t::w00t::w00t:

My FJ1200 had ART race cans on it, no baffles either. Apparently it used to make my neighbours windows rattle when I started it at 6am… Now I have a quiet bike, so they miss the train.




The louder the better

I like to noise electric bike make ! :slight_smile: