How long would it take?

Hi there,

I am thinking about buying Honda CBF 125 and use it for commuting to work. How long do you think it would take me to get from Kings Cross to Dorking during rush hours? It takes me 1h30 - 1h40 to get there by train, so I am wondering if it would be quicker on a bike…

Also is it worth buying new CBF 125? Or should I look around for some second hand one?


google earth,

4.3 mls about 20mins,

so i would say 30/45 mins

good luck

You got me lost here :frowning: 4.3 miles takes about 20 minutes?
It is about 27 miles from kings cross to dorking, so it would take over 2 hours ?

I would guess about 55mins give or take a few.

It will be around an hour and a half in rush hour on a scooter.


yeah what he said

:hehe::hehe:I put it on google earth,there was about 7 dorking,

one was in scotland, so i whent with the nearer one:hehe:

I use to work in willesden from essex, 44 miles 1.10 hrs on a 125 gz if thats any thing to go by, Good luck

I was talking about this Dorking:,+United+Kingdom&hl=en&geocode=FYpOEgMdf0H-_ynvwHTMPht2SDEZPghG6iNhOQ%3BFeLfDQMdcA37_ylJb21v4OZ1SDEFz2UiKMOmrA&mra=pd&mrcr=0&sll=51.387124,-0.217716&sspn=0.482492,1.234589&ie=UTF8&ll=51.385495,-0.218353&spn=0.48251,1.234589&z=10

I do Westminster Abbey to Morden on a 500. It is 12 miles and takes about 40 minutes in rush hour. I imagine it would take at least twice that to get to Dorking. As from where I live to Box Hill takes about 30 minutes on a Sunday Morning.

If i was commuting that distance i would consider getting a full licence and a bigger bike

You don’t need a bigger bike for it, just a comfy one

Would end up taking you a good hour to hour and a half, especially if you’re not used to it…

Go for it though, worth a try eh?!

Get a second hand 125 not a new one

Having just ridden from Morden to Farnborough which is about 35miles, I would def get a biker bike.

If you want a 125cc, get a big one so you cant get blown around.

I go from Blackheath to Liverpool Street on a CBR125 and it takes me about 25 to 30mins and that’s for 7.5mile journey.

My guess is about an hour. Its not a quick trek through central london to get to the other side, and the route down to Dorking directly (A24) is not a particularly nice road south of Tooting Broadyway (although the bit down to Balham is not so bad). My route would be A24 down to Tooting Broadway, then get down to the A298 through North Wimbledon (i.e. not A24). Then take the A3 down to Surbiton, and then hit the A240 past Chessington World of Adventures. Its a fairly recognisable route once you get used to it. I can show you a map for a route from Tooting Broadway down to the A298 if you want.