How long will this route take?

How long will this route take in a Volvo S40 2.0D if I leave at 17:30 on Monday?,-4.064941&sspn=16.397676,53.393555&ie=UTF8&z=9

Depending on your route, can take between 1 hour 36 minutes and 2 hours 7 minutes … not taking into account variables such as traffic etc.

Happy to help


I’ve found Google quite accurate in terms of timings…but I can’t see that it would take more than 2 hours assuming there aren’t any accidents etc on M25/M1.

At that time of the day though, I dont think it matters whether you’re in a Gizz (G-Wizz) or an Aston Martin…

About 3-4 weeks ago there were roadworks on that stretch of the M1.

From just North of St Albans all the way past Luton there will be roadworks till 2013 !!

Its all contraflow 50’s.

It does move, just slowly !

thats a bad time of day for that journey! especially with the roadworks aswell

Joby - why go to MK on a Monday night anyway???:w00t:

1 hour, 42 mins, 28 seconds.

Hope she’s worth it:D

Hi TomTom’s planner has its “live traffic” built in to it I believe, and also road speed profiling.

Its proven quite accurate for me and helped avoid a few nasty delays. Also has live speed/mobile camera data, though a pain to fix to the motorbike!!

It looks like its saying to avoid the M1 right now, and around Hemel Hempstead can be a pain.

It says 1:47 if you leave now. If you leave on Monday at 17:30 it seems to be about the same. It looks like I can’t “link” to that, you’ve just got to enter the start-end time in the left-hand panel.



On a good day about 2 hours, if you catch a lorry breakdown, an accident or it’s raining, add an hour.

If you’re looking for the worst case scenario or, a more scenic/predictable route …

In the Google Maps show options menu select the ‘avoid highways’ option to bypass any potential M1/M25 traffic problems. Then select the A4010 route via Maidenhead, High Wycombe and Aylesbury, keeping as far west of the M1/M25 as is practical.

Revised journey statistics are 80 miles, 2¾ to 3 hours

Thanks for all the responses. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Get off the M1 at junc 8 Hemel, drop to the magic roundabout pick up the A4146 towards Leighton Buzzard, when you reach the A505 Leighton Bypass wiv maccy d’s on roundabout chuck a left then follow the new bypass to Bletchley then get onto A5 to Milton Keynes piece of p!ss and good route to hoon on a bike and its ok in a car, did it for 4 years daily to work :slight_smile:

1hr 20min. Final offer.:slight_smile:

1730 hrs ? 2.5 hrs at least
The M25 will be a nightmare, along with the M1…

OK in a Volvo, 7hrs 25min.

Think how many times you`ll have to stop for girls waving and shouting.:slight_smile:

Last weekend there were roadworks…they didn’t look like they were going anywhere fast?:doze:

You could get unlucky and be there for three hours or so. I’d head up the M40 and cut cross-country. The M25 and M1 are awful. I live just inside the M25 by the M3 and, even on a bike, taking that route up to Loughborough at the weekend (light rain) was torturous. Took two and a half hours thanks to halfwits who can’t point their car at the road ahead…

1 hour 30 minutes dead. I went A3,M25,M1 in the end. Checked the TomTom site first and the route looked clear. The traffic gods were beaming on me though. Thanks to everyone for your advice. Highlight of the trip was a Gixxer doing 3 figures on the M1. I salute you.

I love those days…