How long should my boots last

I bought a pair of Spada ST1 WP Boots - Armoured waterproof leather road boot last October. I noticed yesterday that the sole is coming off the boot in a way that would make it very difficult to glue back together. I commute about 15 miles each way and have done so every day wearing the boots since I bought them - I feel less than impressed with them only lasting this long - am I expecting too much?

What would be the average lifespan of a boot given that amount of commuting plus weekend rides for fun?

What should I replace them with in a similar price bracket (or should I spend more)?

Here they are


Probably won’t last too long as they are relatively cheap.
Also depends how much walking you do in them.

If it’s less than a year since you got them though I’d push for a repair or refund
The zip went on my Alpinestars after about 16 months/10,000 miles and I managed to get them to sort it free of charge (did take some persuading though)

Or go to a cobblers they’ll pull the sole off and re-glue it for a tenner or so…

your commuting distance shouldnt mean anything its how much you walk in them …anyhow thats rubbish I have a pair of SIDI waterproof boots paid £115 for them 9 years ago and only this summer are they letting some water in and need to be replaced!

I walk from my front door to my bike (approx 1.5 meters) then from Parking space in road to lift (40 meters approx) the from the lift to my desk (20 meters) where I put on my shoes.

Perhaps if I put my shoes on at my bike they would have lasted another 6 months

I will contact Spada and see what they have to say about it

thats really bad I walk 20 minutes a day in mine from car park to office plus other times when I have ended up in them walking about all day

My Sidi B2 waterproofs have lasted over 4 years with LOTS of walking to my bike training location (6 days walking 20 minutes there, then 20 minutes back to the train station…), 10,000 miles covering 5 countries, 15 trackdays, and every day communting.

Only problem is the sole is now worn down smooth so very slippery when foot pegs are wet… I have Sidi Vertigo Mega Goretex now… AWESOME!!!

Yeah mate that’s pretty bad…

Contact the shop you bought them from, the UK Spada distributor, Spada themselves and their parent company and keep on going until they sort them out for you.
I’d try for a refund so you can put the cash towards some decent boots!

Havent they got a 1 year guarantee on them? I hope you took a photo of your receipt :smiley: Less that a year to wear them out is pretty crap, expect 3 years + when used everyday

I’ve moved house since I bought the boots and certainly didn’t intentionally throw away the receipt but the thought of finding it does not thrill me - still no pain, no gain as they say.

I have emailed Spada and I am now awaiting a response

Good luck to you mate! I got a pair of Spadas as well. They used to be waterproof and were bought just under a year ago. I think I’ll get them down to Infinity to see what they say.

I’ve got a pair of Sidi Vertbra boots that I bought in 1999 and they’re still going strong. In fact I wore them today.

Let me know how you get on (PM best) and I’ll talk to Feridax if need be - they own the brand see.

I received the following email from Feridax:

Thank you for your e-mail. I am sorry to hear about the problem you are having with your Spada boots. All Spada products come with a one year guarantee against manufacture defect. If your boots are still less than one year’s old please return them to your retailer who will then work with Feridax to resolve the issue for you. If your boots are no longer covered by the warranty then please ask your retailer about the available repair service. If you have any problems please ask the store to contact Feridax.

So it looks like I will need to find the receipt - it’s 50 / 50 that I still have it so I guess my luck may be out.

did u pay by credit card ? or debit card

I have had stores accept my statement as proof of purchase

Also if you bought them off the interwebs there will no doubt be a record of your purchase associated with your account at that website.

I bought a pair of Alpinestars Thunder summer gloves (avoid!) 4 months ago that already have holes in both thumbs, I got them from GetGeard and have my proof of purchase on their site.