How long do u have to wait for the Met Police to come

After leaving the ace last night we decided to go to the 24hr tea hut on Whips cross road

why having a brew and chatting we hear this almighty bang only to find a car had mounted the pavement and gone into one of the bikes and knocking it over onto the tables (we parked on the pavement), he then tried to reverse and nearly knocked over mine and andyp69’s, but before he could drive away there were all of us surounding him

luckly enough there were 2 BTP dog section police who sorted it out otherwise he would have got a kicking from a few of us

when the breathalysed him he turned out to be drunk so was arrested and his car taken away, luckly enough he did have insurance, his passengers all 5 of them in a 5 seater car wernt too happy when we bibbed at them when we went past to go home (they were waiting at the bus stop)

at least he hit a bike why noone was on it rather then why someone was on it or maybe another car or maybe a adult crossing the road

So thats one less drunk car driver on the road :w00t:

lucky there then ginger, good job nobody got hurt and that he didnt hit anyone on the road, hope not much dmage to the bike

whos bike was it?

adams bike

K2gixerboy of cbc

fugging mad that was…

good job all round tho, another pissed driver off the road. :angry:

adams bike wasnt too damaged, scuffs, few cracks and a bent yoshi pipe :frowning:

big up the btp(yes i am saying that!):smiley:


I’m glad nobody was hurt. It could have been a whole lot worse.

I hope you offered the driver a cup of hot sweet tea;):D:D

I hate drunk drivers. I hope he never drives again. It’s attempted murder really.
Glad everybody was ok. Sorry about the bikes :frowning:

big thanks to the BTP for sorting it out for us, as they said they only got involved because of the amount of bikers that surrounded the car afterwards.

if they hadnt got involved they would have probably eaten their food like the met police do

thats why the met didnt come

too busy stuffing their faces

Glad that no one got hurt, and the driver got caught.

When I got burgled at my old place I only got the SOCO and I had to fill in my own crime report! The next two attempted burglaries no one ever attended. Never once did the met come round.

Just a sign of the times.

Scum, nice catch Ginger.

Not enough Police on the streets, they’re to busy doing paperwork cos Political Correctness demands it. Plus the Government wants the Police to hit easy targets such as speeding etc so that their crime numbers look better than they really are.

I might be wrong Ginge, but I have a funny feeling that his insurance won’t cover the damage… if he was pissed, doesn’t that invalidate it ie the insurers will say, you knew not to drive drunk so we’re not honouring any claims against your policy cos you drove under the influence?

Even if this is the case, a criminal case is possible (including, effectively, driving without insurance, if it is, indeed invalidated) and so is a claim for personal liability (quantum from criminal damage for example).

ginger… they didnt need to come as police were already on scene !!! why send someone else to a job thats already being done … you dont send two delivery vans with the same load to every job do you !!!