How long between CBT and DAS?

So had my CBT and ridden in rain, wind and sun on my crappy 125 which is fantastic, the feeling not the bike. Not working at the moment so I try to ride about 4 hrs a day cant go on the motorway as GMP police are very very hawkish.

I will be looking into doing my DAS to get a full licence real soon just want to give it two more weeks riding. Done all the theory malarkey.

Just want to find out from the more experienced boffins on the site,

how long did you wait after CBT before doing your DAS or did you do it all together?

had you had any riding experience before?


I waited 8 months before i did my das… i must admit i am so glad i waited and got in the practice on the 125 it made a huge difference…

but its up to the individual I think…

oops just saw that you were talking to the experienced boffins - thats not me then

Pretty much straight away for me, but then I’d had the Vespa for a couple of years before they brought in the CBT.

If in doubt, practise can only be a good thing I’d say!

Nah Cheers Abbey. The more views I get the better.

Yeah ride everyday. Manchester is a big ass place with loads of nutters so I like it on a Friday night when they suddenly jump into the streets as I am riding. It is great practicing emergency stops or not

I did them all in one course over a week, loved it, some of my best memories were learning to ride a bike, well still learning now really.

bout 4months worth of riding - every oppertunity to get out i was/am on the bike, done the two day DAS which they said i would need bout 3000miles of riding experiance (GREAT i done that in the first month)

i rode a 125 for 5 years, before doing my test this year, 3 days of training and my test! easy, but each to their own, i wanted to build up some knowledge first.

if you need a good school try Elite on 0870 52 000 52, they are the best!!! and goodluck!

I used Elite aswell, they were V.Good!

You may wish to print this off and got to the loo.

The abridged version reads if you get told to send your licence off to add any entitlement you have earned following a test its good advise.

At the tender age of 17 I bought my first motorcycle a Honda NSR125, second hand but tricked up to the nuts. I rode it for a while got bought a car and proceeded to go and do both my Car and Bike tests.

I passed my bike test first, then a while later the car test. I remembered to send off for full car entitlement but not bike. This, was only discovered five or six years later when bold as brass strolled into a motorcycle dealers and asked to test ride a blade only to be told “No, not with that licence” So red faced and ashamed I went home and contacted the DVLA to be told if I didn’t send the pass certificate off that I had lost my entitlement.

Being still quite young I went and did my first CBT with street sense at Hayes. Went well playground work was a doddle and then came the observed ride. Seemingly they make you re-do that ride if you overtake traffic on one wheel.

After the second observed ride I passed and went about trying ot find some one to do DAS with as I moved up to Milk and Beans.

Life took over and before I knew it had the fullset wife kids, dog and mortgage. Bikes were not in that picture.

Lo and behold though ex witch decides doesn’t love me any more so one black belt in divorce later, I am free to do what I want.

Once dust had settled and I finished paying off bills from dicorce, I decide the call of two wheels is too much. So I contact Freedom and book first available CBT for week end after Christmas 2004. Had a great time with the guys there and passed my CBT again.

Go out for a CBT lesson following wednesday and begin booking DAS lessons to get passed my test.

After disatorous first lesson on an ER5 (Somersaulted it whilst holding on to the handle bars) made good progress and passed my test on the 11th Feb 2005.

I’d go for the full license if you are over 21. CBT + DAS then test. Saves money and time. Also means that you get used to riding a bigger bike straight off.

I rode a moped for 8 months, did CBT, rode 125 for 3 months, did DAS and passed straight off. Wish that I’d got straight for the DASand done it in one hit.

There is no real limit mate do it as and when you feel comfortable and ready too, thats my best advice.

I did CBT and then a month or so later did DAS… I bypassed owning a 125, passed go did not collect £200 and proceeded directly to CB1300 ownership

Hi, I rode around on my chicken chaser (a Suzuki Marauder!) for nearly a year before wanting to do my DAS as I was fed up with L-plates at the grand old age of 29. Did my DAS just over 2 years ago in 3 days and passed first time which was a miracle. But that year between doing CBT to DAS was a godsend as you learn so much riding locally and having fun on a 125, but of course it’s down to you. I can remember jumping on the CB500 thinking wow, this is sooo fast! Good luck though.

did the 5 day-er DAS from never having ridden to ‘let me at it’ status almost two years back (aged 26). two weekends and a weekday for the test. had an r6 waiting at the dealer which i picked up the evening of the pass (way too impatient to work my way up to the bike i wanted!).

everyone likes to learn differently -i found the 125s a bit scary as i’m a bit of a meat head and it just seemed implausible that this little thing was carrying me around!! its a bit of a struggle to accelerate out of trouble with one of them. now i just accelerate into trouble

its like a car test, you only start to really learn how to drive/ride after you pass and start putting the miles in. big learning curve that will make you grin like a person possessed…

You somersaulted an ER5. I guess you thought you were on a race track mate. It must have been a huge shock for your instructor

I really just want to go for my DAS as it feels odd riding this bike. Its a gilera something or the other. However my bro says do it now

Johnny Bravo… an R6. They insured you for an R6 straight after DAS Pls explain

I’d say do it whenever you feel ready. If you are obviously petrified around big bikes then that will be a problem. But if you really want it go for the DAS, no one can tell you when you are ready

I waited about 2 months before i did my DAS.but do it when you feel you are ready.Good luck

I did my CBT at the beginning of November and then rode my 125 through the winter (that was fun ), then did my DAS in January. Doesn’t sound very long now I say it out loud…