How long after passing your test did you go for your first long trip away?

I’m doing my test this week (fingers crossed!!) and am already planning a trip away this weekend on my Fazer (assuming I pass!!). My boyfriend thinks I’m nuts, but is up for it - but I wondered if it was the same for anyone else - did you want to do long distances as soon as you passed - or wait until you had more experience…

Depends what you call long. I went out pretty much straight away after passing. Did a round trip of Streatham-Margate-Canterbury-Ashford-Maidstone-Streatham. Not a grand tour but a good runout I thought.

Straight-away. Admittedly it wasn’t a huge journey, but to Norfolk or so, it was a long ride for a novice all the same. I loved it and never looked back :slight_smile: Good luck with your test!

Alice rode to Italy shortly after passing, but she’s a nutter :slight_smile:

Done a day trip to France with this crazy lot a few months after passing my test, think there were over 70 bikes on the day, was amazing :slight_smile:

Went to the Isle of Wight (from south London) for ten days shortly after passing my test on a Vespa 150 Sportique.

But then I was only 16 and had all that cocky confidence of youth and just went without thinking anything through.

Had a riot of a time and don’t regret any of it depite all going pear shaped a couple of times.

I’ve done 5,000kms in Africa and I STILL don’t have my license!

Gigi - has gone to… er… Milton Keynes - and she’s passing her test on Wednesday. (fingers crossed!).

THEN - she’s going to do 5,000 in Africa, shortly after!!