How I feel when I use a bus lane in heavy traffic

lol! :slight_smile: Every London cager should be forced to watch this :slight_smile:

That’s the Archway road isn’t it?

hahaha brilliant

hahaha v funny

Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha Ha!

Love it!:smiley:

Love it!
Don’t think I’ve ever seen a bus lane that empty though! Where are all the buses???

Nice vid :cool:

Sad bit though is when you passed the former “Girls Bike 2” shop, victim of a robbery then recession :crying:

What a run that was - very funny vid!
Shame Ealing isn’t as accommodating!

Suicide bridge, yay :w00t:

used to ride there every bloody day to and from work…

glad that’s over :w00t:

great choice of music :slight_smile:

I started to worry when it got 3/4 of the way through, but you made it through ok :w00t:

Great video.
Shame the guy who sung this trololo song died recently.

nice vid, did Jess help you make it ? :slight_smile:

Heineken don’t manage the highways, but if they did…

Awesome mate…:D:laugh:

Great vid! What helmet cam have you got?

Love it, I know that road well, and was stuck there in my car once during those roadworks, took for freakin ever to get up the hill as there is no turn off. Most people drove across the pavement as soon as they could

QUALITY!! Put a proper grin on my grid!!

Theres been a mistake! Its not me riding.
Just a video I found of someone using a bus lane to cut through traffic and the song lyrics are LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

I think you’ll find it’s Carlsberg who would have to manage them… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s nice when the bus lanes are open, so relaxing!