How has your Biking year been

Well as the new year looms, I thought I would see what kinda year everyone has had. Mine has been rubbish I have been so busy with work that I just have not had time to ride and working so late over the weekend I am to tired to ride on a sunday afternoon.

So 2006 has been crap biking year for me so I put my hand on my heart and promise to ride more in 2007

O I forgot I did my first track day with chuffster 21st of Jan on my TZR250 then Mallory on the 25th of May on the firestorm That was the highs of the year

Sorry to hear that - but unfortunately work keeps rearing it’s ugly head!!!

I’ve only been riding since October but it’s been brilliant, I’ve been on the bike every day except for 2 and hope to keep that going.

I’m soooooo looking forward to Spring.

Well, what a year it’s been for me.

I’ll probably get a bit deep here but feel free to ignore it all !

Well, I started this year as a Scooter rider, Bought my scoot a few years ago initially as a form of transport and I actually enjoyed riding it loads and started to just go out for spins and pleasure.

Quite a few of my friends rode ‘proper’ bikes and it has been something I’d always fancied but just never really gone out of my way to do.

So last february I had a few extra quid and thought, now’s the time. I did a load of research on t’internet (thats when I found this place) and decided I’d go for it and booked my DAS for March. I decided to go out and buy a bike as well … I didn’t listen to the friendly advice telling me to buy a hack for the first year or so and thought bugger this, I’m buying a new one. So after a few decisions, helped along the way by some ridiculous insurance quotes, I went out and bought my CBR600F. It arrived a week before my DAS and it was a bit of a worry if I failed it as it would have been a right expensive ornament.

All went well and I passed and since then (in the main thanks to LB) I’ve had a great summer here in London and a good couple of weeks up in the Highlands on the Bike too.

I’ve met some great people and made some really good friends from all across the board and I can hand on heart say that it’s been a great year.

I haven’t been able to get out as much as I’d like thanks to work but the times I have been out whether it be for a coffee at the bridge (rip!!), the Ace ,Frith or out for a weekend blat it’s more than made up for the times I couldn’t.

So, to sum it all up, a top year, filled with some good memories mostly down to some of you fellow LB’ers and thank you for them.

This year has had a lot of variations for me.

Started out as a learner on my 125, then passed my test (first time and before my car test!) and got a 400, which has been off the road for the last five months while I’ve been doing it up.

Next year will be fantastic, coz my bike should be finished.

Had a stunning year this year - met the best bunch of bikers in London - had a fantastic summer blasting around Wiltshire and touring, and got very excited about the trip to Russia… but here’s my year!

PS - Loving the avatar Hamster bike! Dan does brush up well ! :wink:


Good thread.

A mixed bag for me.

Trips to France and Scotland. Ride outs all over England.

Got knocked off my Fazer in June. Bought a ZX6R the same month, promptly dropped it in July. I reckon I have done over 15,000 miles this year. Recently started doing the little maintenance jobs myself and it’s a great learning process.

“It’s all about the bikes, baby!”

my year has been great

…until i noticed that i didnt feature in Matts year video

I thought this year was gonna be a repeat of 04 where I got 6 points on a provisional licence, blew up a scooter, had my RS125 bike stolen, bought an R6 which fell over in transit and failed my DAS test so many times that I had to sell the R6.

So far this year has had me almost have my current R6 stolen…

But then I had a great trip to Ireland, met some great people there and here, learnt really how to ride a bike, and now bought an R1.

Plus it’s sunny outside

Been riding since May - new engine on the CG in June due to giving it a thrashing and fine since then really apart from this morning when I was almost forced into the central res on the A2 by a Punto

Looking forward to passing my test early next year - undecided yet what Im gonna get

I had a great riding season…spent a lot of time on my trusty GSX-R750…rode the Flint Hills Scenic Byway a handful of times…took my bike up to Manhattan to ride the hills around the lake two or three times…along with the nearly nightly blasts about the Wichita area…wicked good times.

I didn’t have any accidents…nor did any of my riding friends…the bikes safely up on the stands until better weather shows up again. I’m spending the off season daydreaming about tasty new bits to add to my bike in the Spring while passing the time playing Trourist Trophy and watching archived movies at

Bring on the Spring!!

only been back on the road for 3 months after my crash had year off,so just using the bike to get to work and back at mo,not even my bike.

but still had some funny moments and some fustrating ones

Had a so-so year, the 3 trips to France were great, other than that had a couple trips to west country - Devon and Cornwall - which were good, but what with weekend working, doesn’t leave a lot of time, hopefully next year will be better

This year has been pretty good.

I bought the dragstar in February after not having a bike for a couple of years. It was my first big post-divorce treat. I toured Cornwall with another biker and had a great time despite torrential rain for most of the journey there!

I succumbed to my desire for a more sporty bike in the summer and bought the nc30, but then had to work through most of the summer - weekends and all.

In effect I’ve learnt how to ride again and how to have fun doing it (no more commuting drudgery on these bikes), but still have loads more to learn.

What tops off this year is the guys and gals on LB - the friendliest group of people I’ve met in ages

May next year be even better.

This year has been a quiet year for riding as ive been busy with work and with my family. I still ride everyday to and from work but not much i the pleasure riding weekends. Ive done a couple of rideouts and one weekend rideout this year. Hopeing for more pleasure rides next year.

Fantastic year. 2 tours in France and taken in the Moto GP at Donny and the WSB at Silverstone.

But next year it’s going to be even better. Lots of mini tours and the World Ducati Week (998 miles each way ).

Bring on 2007