How 'hard' should brake levers be?

Having changed the fluid in the front brake the lever doesn’t seem as ‘hard’ as it did before.

Its not spongy, and the lever is about an inch from the bar when grabbing a handful. I just cant remember what it was like before, and doesn’t feel like it did before, although it could all be in my head!

Will bleed again tomo to double check for the 10th time there is no air in there!

How much does your lever move before it wont go back anymore?

Have you done the old trick of tying the lever to the bars with bungees or cable ties? Do that, leave it overnight and in the morning, tap the fluid reservoir with a screwdriver handle to dislodge any remaining air. It usually does the trick after i’ve bled the brakes. I can’t really be arsed to remove the calipers when changing fluid since it allows any air remaining in the pistons to move to the highest part and diffuse. But do the first thing that I mentioned and you ought to notice something. It’s usually about an inch when I grab a handful.

i tied it back for tonight so hopefully it will be better tomorrow. i’ve also tried nipping the banjo open at the m/c to bleed any air caught there which seems to be a popular little trick.

might just go for a short ride to shake any remaining bubbles out