How hard is it to hit reply!!

I have now mailed about 7-8 people about their bike on ebay and take a guess how many I will give you a clue it is a primary number between 0 & 2 (neither of these numbers are included)

Why cant these people just hit respond!

now that would realy wind me up!!! how rude of them!!!

Maybe you should re-phrase your question as “How fast does it go mister?” will often be ignored

That and the can you ship it to Nigeria, I will pay with a £10 000 cheque if you could refund the difference to my account

damn do you think I should change the country so it does not look so obvious?

Dont let it bother you m8.

As much as you may like the bike just see it as a sign that they cant be arsed thus dont deserve your hard earned.

that is exactly how I see it, just annoying they could at least post me some lies so I have sometihng to go “you are joking right” over you know.