How Happy am I........

Right as some of you might know I have been looking to get a new bike, and I have done it.

Y Reg 2001 R6


Congrats on the new family member…ride safe …

Nice one Barro.,

Tell you what though it is certainly a bit different to the ZZR6 that i was riding. I test rode a gixxer 6 and I thought it was so uncomfortable, but the R6 is a lot better and a smoother ride. HAPPY DAYS

congrats on the new ride!! enjoy it!

aww the oldies are the best!!! well done matey, congrats!!!

Very smart and clean Russ, like it, congrats I had the same bike as well before, loved it, did me proud.

Nice one Jay

The guy that had it before me, took it in for a service and got given the Fazer 1000 demo to take home. He came to collect the bike and decided that he wanted the fazer. The bike has 6900 miles on it, the bike has 2 new tyres fitted as part of the service and is so clean you will not believe…

You should talk to Andrea? Shes got the R6 as well…

oh very nice mate! I like that alot!

Congratulations Russ play safe have fun

Well it looks as though I am going to have to bring it up to Cubana’s on wednesday…

See you all there…

Sweet bike mate! Very clean example and it looks like its been well looked after! Have fun!

Congrats on the new bike.

Careful cracking the throttle open too hard in first gear, they’ll come up REAL fast. As I find out when I test rode one when they first came out. Coming off a mini-roundabout I give it a handful and did one of them Max Biaggi almost-crashed-it-but-managed-to-save-it type monster wheelies!

Also get them bleedin’ tyres scrubbed right to the edges…the last owner obviously only rode it upright!


Waxy… I know exactly what you mean. LOL

I have been out all weekend getting the tyres sorted…


Lovely, congrats, am glad to see somebody else has taste!

Nice bike there Russ…

Nice bike there Russ…

Sweet ride; took one an 02 model for a spin once when I was looking for a new ride but did not find it comfortable on me wrists. Each rider has their own preference to machinery…as long as it gives you a grin - thats what its all about.

Keep ya boots on the tarmac - even if its just the rear