How great is LB for getting help...

How awsome is photographichero for designing this?Certainly gona be owing major drinks when i get to London next :hehe:

yeah yeah ive noticed i put hoe not how :w00t::hehe:

Arghhh man, was looking forward to some Hoes :smiley:

Graphics look wicked, are you getting them wrapped?

Also just a thought, get Ry to add a couple chinooks, break that sky up a bit? :D:D:D:D

thats so wierd ive already starting drawing one :D:D:D:D:D:D


He is a good boy isnt he :smiley:

Certainly owe you drinks bud

nice work Ry!

lookign good, chinooks would fit the scene perfectly! makes sense seign as they are in use out in Afghanistan:cool:

Great minds eh??

Wrapped = photographic type images/graphics are printed on to a sheet of adhesive plastic then heat shrunk on to the panel - you must have seen cars and buses with whole or partially covered graphics?

Ahh i get ya now. MX graphics come on adhesive plastic but they arent heat shrunk onto the plastics although i think i will get someone mvre profesional to stick mine on as i tend to put them on a little wonky :w00t:

very nice work dude!

Where you getting them printed? I’d be interested to know how much your paying?

i fixed you ‘HOE’ asbo…:D…

and aint that grafix a cracker!!!..well done


Dont know yet mate. LR Design comes highly recomended but i may also look at danger UK. Still in the early stages at the moment as i still have front and rear mudguard to design and the swinger but i know what im putting on that. oh and maybe something for the front number board

Cheers pal…Sure is good aint it :smiley:

my atempt at putting it on a bike :hehe:

Excellent! :D:D:D:D

looking at that, it seems I better adjust the angle of the artwork :hehe:
everyones gotta walk up hill :D:D:D:D

Dude When Ive finished it i’ll do you a few variations (you said more white).
But I dont think white plastics would look that good??? Id go matt black :cool:

Cheers mate, your a ledge… once you’ve done that ive got the mudguards for you to work on :w00t::hehe:

Still say you should set up shop :wink:

Wait til you get the bill:hehe: