How good!

So I picked up my 525exc this morning and just had a quick blast on it :w00t: what a mental bike! I don’t think the fireblade will get much use this year :cool:

all the power is right where you want it :slight_smile:

What nonsense, SM’s are rubbish and you all know it!

And the more you ride it the more you’ll love it - trust me :wink:

(BTW after you left my place this morning I spent 3 hours cleaning all the shite and corrosion off my bike, it really was in a horrible mess - now very generously coated in ACF50.)

There fun fun fun :smiley: just been out on my Ktm for a bit of wheelie fun and will be high beach tomorrow at around 11 if anyone fancy a blast

I only had a 10 minute blast as I had jeans on and it was frightfully freezing, I found it rather scary with the power delivery at first, sooooo looking farward to a proper go tomorrow. :w00t:

Wouldn’t mind at all, but other things planned sadly :frowning:

Get a QA throttle for it - then you can really have fun :wink:

Are you going to go for a potter around the lanes first? Or may be I should join you for some wheelie practice!:w00t: