How good is this site.........A +++++++++++++++++++++++++

I think the site is great, It realy has opened up a diferent biking world to me,
One happy family…
Thanks guys n gals

Agreed. Jay you’ve done a fantabulous job! Give yourself a big pat on yer back.

I find myself stuck to this website, even on the taskbar! Nice work Jay, big thumbs up mate!


I agree with above, nice one Jay (& Tash & others)

Agreed I am adicted to this site if I go a whole day without coming on line I get grumpy.

Not for one moment did I think I’d be be looking forward to getting home to turn on the laptop… I’ve been living and breathing this scene for the last three and a half year now and I love the fact that this site is bringing more people into it…

The last thing I expected was to be involved in something as cool and as fresh as this… I too want to thank Jay for all the hard work he has put into building this site… Proud of ya man!!! and proud to be a part of it!!

Yes, got to agree with everybody, a really good helpfull site with a lot of top people who made me feel very welcome from the off, quality, informative discussions. I look forward to meeting up with a lot of you at the minimoto day and no doubt the rest soon enough.

Maybe the biggest compliment is the fact that 2 separate members felt the urge to simultaneously start “Thanks Jay & Foxy” threads, which one to reply to ? I know I’ll copy & paste my reply into both :wink: >

I am glad I have found this site. No bitching for a change! Jays a top bloke. Foxy is a diamond. The others from here that I have met are real nice too. Cant forget to mention Cezar, he makes me laugh.

Long may it continue like this.