How good can a v-twin sound?

A while ago my 749r (with the race engine kit) needed some love, so I sent it to my favourite engine builder. He diagnosed and fixed a timing issue, flowed the heads a little more and fitted larger airtubes to allow the motor to breathe better and get the power up.

For a 6-year old 750, it does ok - 137bhp at the wheel and 96nm of torque.

Hope you like it!


I told you, it sounds like the secret lovechild of a “normal” 749 and an R6.
It sounds a bit “naughty” for a V-twin to rev that high.
Quite frightening when you’re riding just behind it :smiley:

no sound give your hair a hard on like a ducati

is that the one your selling jerry?

sounds kin awesome!:cool:

I remember doing a trackday and a guy pulled out ohis van 2 x ducatis. 996RS and a 748RS…

RS…proper race kits:D

sounds good…

And running a race shift as well i see. Do you use that style on the road and how do you find it compared to road shift?

Beautiful music! :wink:

The bike lurches a bit on the gear changes, is it supposed to do that :blink:

Thanks guys - I wrote all this before and I’ve had to re-do it because the session timed out :frowning:

This bike is pretty special. I saw it about four years ago when it belonged to the bloke who commissioned it. Ducati built the R as a homologation special. They produced a race kit so the bike could be run within the Supersports rules and this one has that kit: it has revised cams, rockers, four-way cnc’d heads, a revised ecu and a 57mm Termignoni exhaust. When the motor was built with the kit, it was blueprinted, lightened and balanced and a blueprinted Corse (RS) closeratio gearbox was fitted. The suspension has been revalved for the track - front and rear and while it’s no off-roader, it’s still very compliant. This exhaust is the Leo Vince 57mm titanium system and really does make the bike sound distinctive. The termi system sounds very ‘Ducati’.

A buddy was looking at buying another of these and I was lucky enough to be asked to ride it back-to-back with this one. The other bike had a standard road 'box and suspension and has the kit Termi exhaust system. We both agreed that the other bike felt dramatically different, both in engine characteristics and in the chassis. It was good to see where the time put into the motor had paid off.

It’s race shift as you say - I have three bikes with race and two supermotos with road pattern - I still have the occasional moment where my brain can’t work out what to do…

Martin, I think there’s another bloke on here who’s selling one - I’m keeping this took me years to get it!

That’s an astonishing noise … I wonder what it would cost to make mine sound like that … :slight_smile:

that is one very special Ducati, i bet that is ALOT of fun to ride!:smiley: