How good are your leathers?

Friend had a big off at Brands today(See general chat forum, Brands well done), His dainese leathers just ripped open like they were made of paper, sadly they were only a few weeks old and not cheap, elbow protection did nothing to stop him shattering his bones.

On talking to some of the trackday team they suggeted that they have had more issues with the following leathers, Dainese, Arlen ness, RST and some of these are not cheap sets either.

Their top rated trackday leathers were Scott or Alpinestars.

I know everyone has their favourites but these guys do deal with accidents everyday, whats your opinion?

I have always said Dainese are over priced tatt:D But saying that the older ones(pre 2005)are/were the best:D And i still say frank thomas is the best Quality leather but the stitching is crap so i restitched mine when i got em from top to toe and in the trousers i have had 2 minor offs and they are still going strong:D

I got some Richa leathers that I use for track, had an off in them at Cadwell and all that happened was that the writing came off a bit and they got a tad scuffed.

Wolf leathers! I have had five off’s with the same set, two of them were big and they are still up for more :smiley:

Agree, wolf are brilliant leathers:D

I flew over the handlebars of my bike around 45 mph and landed on my back, apart from the dirt theres not a scuff on them really, when I clean them up they’ll look like new - they are Alpinestars.

Have good elbow protection too etc

I crashed in my Wolf leathers and they were amazing. I slid across the track for while before bouncing around in the gravel and not a single stitch was out of place.

And best of all, not a single mark on me :smiley:

I have Arlen Ness now and know a few people who have crash tested them successfully, lol.

My Scott leathers have survived a few track-day ‘mistakes’ perfectly.

Would definitely recommend them.

i have had the misfortune to test my furygan stuff on road and on track, and it has never let me down. not as light as some others, but i wouldnt want to crash in anything else.

I’ve crashed in my Richa jacket and apart from a small scuff they look like new.

your bike as got 33bhp… Can’t have been a very big off. :smiley:

This was on my previous bike the R125 so even less BHP. :smiley:

We went to see this guy recently - there’s some good info in leathers in the article.

I swear by my Alpinestars but also heard good things about Wolf. Mine have had two lower speed impacty crashes on the road and two high speed track slides.

They are looking a little tired and the poppers have started to come off at the wrist, zip is now and interesting lash up as the puller came off early doors but the protection, stitching and scuffability of the leather is top notch.

Protected me very well these last 5 years.

My mate had a set of £1400 Dianese and first time out he had a big one at Pembery, the elbow twisted round and the stretchy panel wore through causing a nasty rash injury to his arm. They fit okay so must just be a bit pants.

meh… i donno wot make mine are they are naffed now any way (can’t be asked to look…) from when i went slidin up the road on my ass at 12 mid night on the way back from the ace a while ago. but they saved my ass so they worked!:hehe:

Bollockkks cant have a big off on a 125. :doze:

I had a huge off on my RS125. Low side at about 60-70mph into a tight sweeping right hander! hit some gravel lost the front and down i went! ended up about 100 meters from the bike and did 20 meters of that through the apex of the corner on my ass on gravel. They were axo leathers which I have thrown down the road three time! and they still want more :smiley: cracking leathers I tell thee :smiley:

Got Carreras myself and had a set of Crowtrees before that I kind of grew out of.

Both proved very crashworthy - the Carreras have scuffs from a lowside at Laguna Seca turn 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately I hear Carrera are no longer trading :frowning:

Came off at the Melbourne hairpin in some Hein Gericke PSX leathers and just got a scuffed bum…Had a slow head on collision with a car and landed heavily on my leg and got more scuffs.

Wearing Arlen Ness leathers last year, had two offs at brands…One into the gravel trap which just dirtied the leathers, and one off at Druids where the bike went end over and I slid off the track into the gravel…This just ripped the Arlen Ness logo.

Crash tested my Hideout Xtreme two piece leathers on Monday at Rockingham :D. Worth every penny! I came down very heavily on my arm and then skidded and twisted round for a bit. The armour took most of the impact and I was left with bruising and scuffing on the leathers. Saved my bacon! :smiley:

I had my scott Ru$$ell suit repaired by the dianesse support truck in the WSB paddock a few years back. I had a chat with the guy who runs it. He said their philosophy was to supply a suit that offered great comfort and would provide protection for 1 big crash.

I’ve had 2 100 MPH+ offs in their suits, which resulted in long slides.

On both occasions the leather was penetrated on the elbows, but there was hard armour underneath and I walked away with a nothing but a bit lite bruising.