How good are the original Pilot Roads?

…cause they’re 142.99 a pair here!

Hi Alex

They are good enough for many people - I remember following an instructor round Mallory park, scraping his VTR in the bends. He didnt really take much interest in his tyres - which were Pilot Roads, not PR2s - he was so good that for a trackday, road tyres were good enough for him.

used them on the courier bike, took a little longer to warm up than the 2ct’s, but overall, very good tyres.

I had them on my Tiger 1050 before the PR2’s I have now. They are perfectly fine. I found they didn’t offer as much traction in the wet as the PR2’s. They also squared-off a bit quicker lasting 6000 miles vs around 7500 for the PR2’s.

If you ride a lot in the wet perhaps looking for a good price on PR2’s might be worth it. But otherwise they are a perfectly adequate road tire. PR3’s are better again in the wet if you believe the hype.