How Do You Un-Register

Hey how do you un-register from LB?

After the fact that my last post was edited by outside influences I feel the need to leave and have nothing to do with LB. Keep it all to yourselves but quite frankly it’s sickening that you say one thing yet do the opposite

Jay Ill keep the cards at the store for people to take as I know you’re proud of it but…nothing against you or Tash who I have known for years and love dearly

The forum has a filter on! The only way to sware here is to miss spell it ! Nobody but jay had the capability of edit anything here.

James… What’s going on dude? Where has all this come from? The site automatically *** swear words… I’m baffled…

babyJ, I too am very confused! I don’t know of any of your posts being edited! We have a swear filter that automatically blocks banned words, but that’s it, we believe in freedom of speech as much as the next liberal person. I hope we can find out what has happened here, I’d be very sorry to see you go, you’ve been a fun addition to our community!

Ahh…feel the love …just having one of my special ‘buxom blond’ moments …Foxy has already berrated me sternly I warn you now Jay when you see the warning signs I dont think the K5 will be enough…Ill lend you the Zip

Sorry all…guess the drinks bill gonna be huge!!

babyj , I’m sorry if in any moment you felt affended but anything I said , even though I have never said anything direct to you. I don’t dislike anybody and don’t have enemys either. So perhaps we should get started again? And your drink will be on me when we meet around, we will for sure as we like the same things as a bikers eh?

Well Bike2travel if your paying mine will be a jug of caiparenha