How do you swap to LED indicators?

I want to put LED indicators on the bike.


Do I need a new relay?
Do I need resistors?
Do I need resistors and a new relay?

I was looking at these:
Its a Yamaha YBR so if anyone can point me to the parts I need i’d be grateful!

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You either need 4 resistors or 1 relay. And the indicators of course.

Not to mention in that link they are bulb indicators and not LEDS.

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Why bother with LEDs on a ybr?

Just get an led relay off eBay. See if yours is 2 or 3 pin

Leave it fully standard then sell it on

Told him already. His still gonna do it so just let him.

I know that i’m gonna sell the bike off. I know i’ll probably sell it to a courier that doesnt give two fucks about LEDs. I dont care.

I want to enjoy this bike while I ride it, so i’m putting new indicators on it. I’ll keep the stock ones and swap em out before I sell it on.
With that in mind its a two pin relay and i’ve sourced one.

Some of the LED indicators available are of questionable (sh1te) quality. Anyway stock is the new modified.

I figure Bike-It have never let me down before so i’ll give it a go.

As for the last part - My bike, my style.

Come on you lot, you know what it’s like, you have a bike, you wanna make it yours YBR or Ducati, what does it matter, go for it mate, don’t listen to those spoil sports, can’t help with your question though haha

Thankyou Tiggi! Thats exactly how I feel.

Ok well if you can’t find the answer to how many pins get a universal one and loop it in (what I did on the sv)

Its a two pin but I’m not sure if yamaha do one. I’ve found a universal two pin that should work.
Yamaha makes a square one, the universal one is round but the pins are in the same place so a but of electrical tape should sort it out.