how do you loosen yours

I have just got my 1st ever set of leathers, they are made to measure Crowtrees.
But i am not used to the restriction of leathers, to try and get used to them and wear them in a bit i have just finished doing my housework wearing them and boy am i knackered, anybody got any other advise on how loosen them up etc, it may sound silly but i am scared to wear them on my bike as i feel so restricted.

get on a push bike!! or just ride your bike normally, you’ll see that they wont feel new for long!

they’re supposed to feel uncomfortable when you’re stood up. did . they should be pre-cut to hold you in a good riding position so best to go sit on your bike and see how you feel. the leather will give a bit with time but in general they’ll always feel more restrictive

do they have stretch panels built in?

yes they do have the stretch panels in the knee area and the sides. I am a bit of a wuss and not used to the restriction, Plus i have just upgraded my bike and feeling a bit nervous of that too, so at the present time i am a quivering wreck all round

George Micheal…Hampstead Heath…Very Loose There !!

But we could all come over and watch ya doing the Lambarda with the Hoover in those Leathers and let ya know whats what !!!

You just have to wear them. If we ever see the sun again, a good sweaty/glowing day in the saddle will work wonders.

They’ll only be cut for a racing crouch if you wanted them that way.

I rode home from Louth after picking mine up in glorious sunshine about a year ago. At first, moving about was a bit of a struggle, getting on and off the bike was particularly funny (cue jokes about “difficulty getting his leg over”) but by the time I’d stopped for fuel and an ice-cream they were well on the way to what they are now. Perfect.

The more you wear them and move about in them, the sooner they feel like a better fit. Plenty of rain out at the moment, go ride your steed in it and get them wet, seems to speed up the breaking in process.

Instant Looseness…

pull the curtains…hold ya nose…squint ya eyes…

and let rip with an almighty “Thunder Chunder” !!!

The Harris will look like Ginger went to Skool in em !!

loadsa room !!

mine felt very restrictive when got them, within couple weeks of riding in them they loosened up, now they feel so comfy !

Quote:“to try and get used to them and wear them in a bit i have just finished doing my housework wearing them and boy am i knackered”

Get it on Youtube


this is by far the best technique!

or this!

What’s the name of the song in the first video?

Can only echo what’s been said - wear’em girl, as much as possible. Or ride a lot. Or both.

Perhaps not the hoovering tho, that’s a bit extreme.

Went out yesterday evening … Just down to Boxhill and then popped into GB2, I was really nervous at 1st but as others have said once I got on the bike etc I was OK.

It felt fantastic to be honest

What a lot of you don’t know is i am a rather ample lady and have lost a truck load of weight to get to this point in my life, i am feeling a million dollars

Sit down and watch a couple of dvd’s??

hoochie mama by the 2 live crew

Congrats Roughie! well done on all that hard work inspiration to another ample lady!