How do you know that the helmet needs replacement?

My helmet has become very roomy and squashes my face when i am going fast. Does it need replacement?

Can you get a finger inside your lid by your forhead? If so it is too big, if it moves around excessivly then you may just need replacement cheek pads or it could just be a bad fitting lid.

How old is it? How often do you use it?

Generally helmet manufacturers say 4-5 years for a helmet depending on the level of useage.

simply if its squashing your face when riding what do you think it will do when it hits the floor? or a car? or a wall?

Not sure i need to say get it replaced!

I think you already know the answer to this one.

If in doubt… Turn it into a hanging basket

Get a bigger head…

Indeed, if in any doubt, buy a new one. It’s not worth the risk if, heaven forbid, an accident happens.

heine gericke have a sale on at the moment! picked up an AGV stealth for christof for £69.99 instead of £199.99!

That’s a brilliant price… might have to even go in and get a spare :wink:

On Arai and Shoei lids you can cahnge the padding inside, so you need new or biggre padding.