How do you keep cool?

How do you keep cool in this lovely weather, which should be getting even hotter later today? & hopefully all through the Summer months.

And I don’t mean like the prat learner I saw on a sporty bike at Hanger Lane, yesterday at 4:00pm ish in an England painted helmet (which I assume was an Arai) in shorts & white trainers.:crazy:

ride faster…increases airflow :smiley:

100+ mph solves the problem :smiley:

Good vented summer jackets should do it.

Shorts - t-shirt and flipflops…and A/C on full…:wink:

Or wear an armour jacket over yer tshirt with no jacket…it keeps ya cool:D

Oh and stitch some armour pockets in a nice strong thick pair of jeans and pop your armour in…wehey bobs yer uncle…nice and cool:P soooo much better than leathers in this heat!

I’ve never found jeans to be cooling, and they’re no protection. I got some HG maxwell summer pants and once you open the vents it’s very cool.

I’ve found the following helps, I wear a base layer. You won’t stay cool but at least you can peel your kit off easily afterwards. Wear a compression or moisture-wicking shirt. These soak your sweat up and leave you feeling cool. Which is odd, because sweat is the body’s way of cooling you down, I don’t understand that.

I’d rather sweat my nads off than go out without armour. In the worst heat conditions (last year when it was 30 degrees) I’ve gone out without gloves, or worn an armoured shirt (full length arms of course) with a t-shirt on top of it. But it doesn’t make much difference IMHO.

A bag of ice down your boxers should do the trick :hehe:

Keeping away from all that town traffic works for me :smiley:

i am cool anyway :cool::cool:

Agreed. It feels like you’re burning up when stuck in traffic belching fumes out, hot engine between your legs, underseat exhaust Satan would be proud of. Stick to the twisties where the roads allow you to get up to an engine/nadger cooling speed and you have to stop every 10 minutes to clear the flies off your visor and the smell of baked cow sh!t from your lungs. Ahhhh!

I’ve got some very nice IXS and Alpinestars vented trousers/jacket for less serious rides or town use. I can wear just shorts/t-shirt under and as soon as you are travelling over 15mph it feels pretty cool. As the crotch area, (wehay!), is well vented riding along slowly with your legs spread, (again, wehay!), means you stay cool on a bike with a hot seat.

Worth every penny as you don’t make as many mistakes being hot. These saved me from any injury dumping a bike one diesel once, myself and the gear were undamaged. Try doing that without protection, nasty.

IMHO, you shouldn’t cut corners on clothing, get as many different sets to suit different conditions as you see fit.

Asked a CanAm “sports car” driver I was working for the same question. He was in two layers of Nomex with 7.2 litres of Chevy V8 10" behind his spine and two radiators in each of the side pods for two hours.

“Just a state of mind” was the answer.

At the time I thought “to**er”

40 years on, I think he might have known something I’m beginning to learn.