How do you get to...

the M11 from SW1??

North-East London is a bit of a mystery - sorry !

I’ve looked on google maps and it looks like a long way east towards Leytonstone and Chigwell. Is it signposted, or should I just go up to the M25 from the A1? What’s the best way??

Thanks for your help!

Go towards Shoreditch hit the A11 which will take u to the A12 and the A12 will take u to the M11 :smiley:

Thats the way i wud do it more or less (well no id use the back roads of hackney but thats cos i know them)

Good luck :slight_smile:

Another way to describe the good advice given above is to head onto the Strand and just head eastwards, past st pauls cathedral etc till just before you get to Tower Bridge. When you are alongside the Tower of London turn left follow the one way system round to the right then take the left fork and that takes you up to the A11 where you turn right follow it for a couple of miles through Mile End etc then turn left onto the A12, then follow signs for the M11, be sure to stay under 40 as there are several speed cameras on that road. Jobs a good’un.

fantastic - thanks guys.

Thinking about it, my ktm came from Hyside up the A12 and I think I went up that way so hopefully it should be familiar.

So I get up to the north circular and the M11 is signposted?

M11 to the North Circ and then all the way stright there, you come off the junction after you see Tesco on your left.

Yes it is, very clearly.

When you reach the big roundabout that is where the A12 meets the North Circular, take the first exit and stay in one of the two left-hand lanes. These lanes filter off from the N Circ and become the M11. They go down then bend right underneath the N Circ, and then you’re on your way northwards on the motorway.

You won’t pass the Tesco’s referred to above on the outward journey, but you will when you come back, assuming you take the same route which would be slightly different as you would be on the opposite side of the N Circ, from where you would see tesco’s on your left.