How do you dry your kit overnight?

I got drenched last night and my kit is dripping - I can never get it dry by the morning though! I’ve tried putting it on the radiator and things but it’s still damp… other than having 2 sets of kit… I don’t know what to do…

I should point out my bike kit has a little more material than most!


hang mine on the shower rail for a couple of hours then hang them in next to the boiler (not the old boiler)

I leave mine over a clothes horse, next to a radiator over night.

Usually does the trick. If it’s really wet, chuck it in the washing machine for a quick spin first.

How about getting a top layer, so your ‘proper’ kit doesn’t get so completely drenched? £50 from HG will get you and all-in-one oversuit. Yeah, I know it might not look terribly cool, but it’ll certainly keep you dry…

Matt, we were given en electric high dry which is fantastic. Will get the name and come back to you. It is basically a clothes horse with a cover and an electric element under it do blow in warm air. My leatheres and jacket are toasty in 1 hour.

ahhhh stunning that’s what I need… yes please get me the details that would be perfect… I’ve tried the shower rail (I broke it) and the boiler cupboard (most success) - oversuit would be great but they don’t seem to make small whale size.


i have 2 sets of kit just incase cos going to Devon i got drenched! should have worn my oversuit!! but to dry it i usually hang my jacket on a hanger near the boiler and trousers over the old horse!!!

Does she not complain, your old horse?

Just drive in your pants!

that wouldn’t be fair on the people that had to drive behind me.


how many x’s are there in your size i will see what the biggest over suit is we can get,

and dont say moby size

He he, join me on the Atkins diet Matt, I have lost 31 pounds in the last 10 weeks!!!

I’m overweight but I’m actually very healthy - much to my doctors annoyance - the Atkins Diet is one of the most dangerous things you can do to yourself - especially if you’re overweight… take it from an old nurse!

There’s 5 x’s in my jacket.


I don’t know mate, thos elong johns of yours are something to behold…

I wring my kit out as best I can, then hang it all in our airing cupboard. As well as the heater in there, the pipes for the whole building run under the floors of all our cupbaords so in winter everything is toasty and warm to put on…oh and very dry too…

In fact, I was considering putting that as a selling point on our Property Pack…HOt Cupboards…they’ll be all the rage when the ice age returns…Ha … Ha … HA HAH AH AH AH HA HA HA HHA HAH HA HA HAHHAH

(sorry global warming believer here…we;re never seeing snow again…EVER!)

Perhaps I am missing the point, but My kit only ever gets wet on the outer shell…and never through to the inner liner. Thus a night in the airing cupbaord dries this out…

Just in case you’re interested, I use Spada jacket / trousers & sidi black rain boots…

you are right… ‘i’ don’t actually get wet - my kit is waterproof… it just gets so wet!.. and of course there is rather a lot of it to get wet.


I always take an oversuit with me - just bought a 2piece o/suit from HG, really pleased with it, and it drip dries in notime. If it were to leak, I still have my normal suit to get through as well, so up to date, have never got wet.

Good thing too chilled
You’d need a bl00dy tall cupboard to hang you up to drip dry!

I wear alpinestars Drystar or gortex stuff wash & spray it with Nitwax hang it up & it’ll dry within a hour.