Its the weekend im to pick up my beast, and the whole week has just been about riding it, nothing else could take over the excitement, ive ordered accessories so I can fit them this weekend and have a blast in this great weather.

But no…racefit can only get the exhaust to the dealers by Monday as they had to make it to suite. What the hell am I going to do for the next week! And to top it off, last weekend I visited the dealer and today I received a speed fine on my Z1000.

On another note, last Sunday I pulled the Z out of the garage and started to strip all the accessories of and refit the original parts…this was surprisingly emotional.:smiley:

Racefit wont make it to the top of my xmass list to say the least

It’ll be worth the Wait!! :smiley:

Sam now I know how you felt waiting for you paint job…waiting does make it sweeter. Wise, if it sounds like I think it will…then they will get a bottle for xmas.

I took mine off the K7 noisy exhausts are fine with me just it was way to noisy on my daily commute to be comfortably

& racefit customer service is lacking

Don’t do anything at all. No drinking and falling over, no mountain biking and breaking a collar bone. Buy bubblewrap and climb into it.

lol, Tell me about it!!

Just think of all those BCR’s on the new Stead!

Damn! guys are not making it any easier…awesome vid:D

I’ve always had great customer service from the guys at Racefit! Needed my baffle extending and wrapping within a few days for a track day and they turned it round in 1 day!

Got one of the new Exhausts on my new Gixxer and it’s VERY LOUD! So loud I felt I should turn the bike off at traffic lights!

You are gonna love it!!