How Do They Do It ... Helmets

Yes … Discovery Channel … nerd alert :stuck_out_tongue: … thought this would be of interest though … particularly the water jets :w00t: whoda thunk it!


Thanks for posting this; I love these programmes.

I do wonder though whether Schuberth have actually destroyed an entire batch of 3000 lids when a sample failed a test. I would be very surprised if they did. And the one they tested cracked. That seems like a pretty bad failure to me - what would constitute a failure of that test, I wonder?

good find man!!!

i remember watching abit of this on telly a long while ago and missed half of it


watch it again, they explain that the cracking is part of the planned deformation of the helmet, plus no arguing as to whether that helmet needs replacement :slight_smile:

Thanks for this…Nerd-alicious…

good find. i was amazed at the strength of my shoei raid 2 when i destroyed it having crashed in it. placed it on a log splitting oak log and whacked it as hard as i could with an axe… nothing, then a sledgehammer, nothing… decided to toss it on the bonfire… you can still see bits of it on the fire patch 5 burns later :w00t:

those helmets are crap :w00t:

buy arai :slight_smile:


Hard does not always mean good…lids are designed to crack at certain forces as that is a way of absorbing the impact…if they are too hard, they remain intact but all the force is transferred to your brain…

its the inner foam/Polystyrene that absorbs the impact

arai uses foam that doesnt dent when hit,it rebounds.

Not really sure that’s the case…and if it was, why do you need to change your helmet when dropped or after a crash…rebounding inner section would just rebound and the helmet would be as good as new and you’d have no reason to replace it…

There’s something strangely satisfying about that vid!

There’s a great vid out there in which Arai main US dealer jumps and bounces on an empty outer shell…and it bends massively but does not break…