How do I stop emails

Telling me people have replied to a topic I started? Proper pain the arse and hardly going to encourage a user to post a topic btw

And if this topic gets big - I will find you all and give you a proper kicking :slight_smile:


Sussed it.


Hopefully you’ll still get emails if we @bluelagos you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@bluelagos will def be annoyed if we do!

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I’m not sure we should be that mean to @bluelagos

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@bluelagos do you reckon you’re the only lber to still get emails on @ replies?

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Come @bluelagos you need to answer this important question. :laughing:

I think @bluelagos loves it really

I wonder if @bluelagos is self isolating somewhere without internet?

Fcking knobs

@bluelagos couldn’t resist it

did @bluelagos not think this through before posting?

@bluelagos might have thought LB was a forgiving place. How wrong @bluelagos was…

I think we should all apologise to @bluelagos

True. That’s undoubtedly the right thing to do.

Abject apologies from me @bluelagos

Not sure if you all know this but every time you @bluelagos he gets another email. Bit of a dick move guys, so stop doing it. @bluelagos I have your back.

@bluelagos has dug his hole, he can sit in it. :laughing:

If we tag @bluelagos several times in one post does @bluelagos get an email for each time we tag @bluelagos or only once?

Not sure why - but not getting any emails despite all yer efforts :wink:

Jay there’s something wrong with @bluelagos ‘s email alerts. Can you investigate and fix soonest please?

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