How do I see where people have replied to my posts?

Just wondering how I find any updates to my posts? I.e if someone replies or comments after me?

I found it a few times the other day now it’s gone!

Click on recent posts top right.

Click on your user name at the top left, it shows all your topics and topics you’ve posted in - if they’r in bold then there’s new stuff in there.


That shows you the last 5 posts, once you have the last 5 posts up there’s a ‘show all’ button to the right of each header.

Or …

On the right hand side of the topic header click on ‘topic options’ and select ‘subscribe’ from the drop down menu to set up email notifications of new posts within the topic. you can later unsubscibe by going into ‘My Profile’ access via options at top right of message board window.