how do i get a psp ??????????????? anyone please help

Looking for a PSP to buy as an xmas pressie but can’t get one anywhere, anyone know where i can get one please…got to be a uk one

Hello Neil. Have you tried ‘amazon’?

Yes i have, there are no guarantee’s of any in stock for xmas same as everywhere…

er… Sorry but what’s a psp?

Playstation portable. A handheld game console, that u can watch movies on it. It’s quite cool but sucks big time because of poor battery life.

Njs, I would try ebay, there must plenty for sale there based in UK.And if not, most of the times when I buy something in Hong Kong or states I wait no longer than 1-1.5 week.

All in UK and Buy it Now, most of them next day delivery:

i’ve been stuck with stuff from hong kong before that has had to go back and has ended up costing me money and stress to send things back… I may look on Ebay again for a uk one.

Check this out:

Just don’t buy other than the region 2 models: like from States or japan. Otherwise you may have problems with games and movies.

thanks rottie…

if ure buying from ebay do not buy from hong kong…such a large item u likely to get taxed/screwed over…not worth the risk imo

I think you are right there thanutz…

Thanks mate!


They are selling them at my local Tesco’s

I have one (got a UK one at the launch)

Don’t know where the battery prob came from mine lasts bleedin’ ages!!!

I envy your ability to have lots of spare time to play the thing, Neil! Assuming it’s for you of course, and not someone else as a present.

My sister wants to get one for her son, but she is finding it difficult to track one down !!! Personally i would rather spend that sort of money on my bike jay

Do they still have them at your local Tesco store porkscratchin ? Could you get me the number of the store because i will order one if they have them, my sister would be over the moon… let me know if you would’nt mind mate, ta

Okay, as an owner of such a device, let me clear up a few points here …

The standard battery lasts about 5 hours of gaming (more watching films).

Games are regioned, but any PSP will play a game from any region.

Films are regioned, but are a complete waste of money (they are often dearer than a DVD). Free software can convert any DVD into the correct format.

If you wanna be able to play games for free (copies), get a PSP that has firmware version 1.50 on it. You can then run a little utility that allows games to run off the memory card rather than the UMD (Universal Media Disk).

To my mind the PSP is the best games console that has ever been released. The screen is just amazing and you can play against several other players at one time using it’s wireless link-up capability. So, each player has their own wide-screen. The games are as good as PS2 games. Currently mine has a game in the UMD slot, with 4 games, 1 film and a music video on the memory card. It really is a portable entertainment system for us big kids!

There’s a PSP shop in Great Titchfield street near Margaret street. It’s not very well signed (you have to look at the logo’s frosted onto the windows) it’s on the right as you go towards Oxford street from Margaret street. Last I heard they had a couple of hundred in stock.