How do I fix this?

It is a tiled floor in the barhroom with a bit missing. I don’t know the correct terminology.

You need some ‘grout’ it needs to be waterproof grout and appears to be grey in colour which is not going to be easy to colour match,. There is probably more to it than the missing section of grout and it could be the grout either side of the gap is loose and may need removing too. Its not the sort of thing to happen if the grouting was done properly in the first instance.

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What he said.

You’ll have to live with different colours for a while until the new grouting gets grubby.

I would cut out all the old grout and regrout it all so its the same colour and level wont cost too much and easy enough to do.

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But will take a load of time and effort. Just recently I was disappointed to have this exact problem on my bathroom floor, a floor I tiled and grouted with great care six years ago.

I chose the matching colour from the Mapei grout range, cut all the grout out with a diamond blade in a Fein Multi Master taking care not to chip the tile edges. Then re grouted it.

Porcelain tiles tend not to chip, ceramic can be a nightmare. Look closely to see if the grout has cracked anywhere else…could be that the tiles have come unstuck and the movement has caused the grout to crack.

Alternatively, get matching grout and just fill in the missing bit! This will take 10 mins instead of half a day or more if the area is large.

Or just use some noodles!

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The colour will never be the same batch will be different as well as the amount of water you add. Its up to you but i will always notice my own patch up

Thanks all. Great advice.

What is the hardening agent he is adding onto the noodles please? It looks like super glue. Regardless, what a terrific idea.

Its not real

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