How do I create a website?

Shouldn’t you be creating a site for your bike repairs instead? :wink:

Thanks for all the info guys :slight_smile:
I finally got to speak on one of those live chats, apparently ‘due to unprecedented demand for web space’ my url won’t be live for 24 hours.

Pawel, I’m not a really a bike mechanic, I’m just mildly talented with a set of spanners and moving parts. More of a Fred Dibnah than a MotoGp Tech. :slight_smile:
Rob Brown on the other hand has years and years of specific training and experience behind him, and a tool kit that makes mine look like it was made by Fisher Price.
There is just no way I can compete with that :slight_smile:
I take the diagnostic electrical jobs from him which he doesn’t like, and I do lots of superficial work for my mates on here, but that’s my limit.

joomla, i have used lots over the years but these are the best, even ebay use joomla.

Will take you a week or too to learn but well worth it.

You’ve mentioned that before mate, I don’t have to use their hosting facilty though do I? I can use their templates and suchlike on Hostgator?

Hostgator giving you choice of 3 or 4 types of software, joomla is one of them so you will be ok.


Yeah mate there is a delay till the Domain Maps the hosting. I didn’t realise that and installed and deleted WordPress 4 times before I got any technical support. It should be up soon then when you go to your URL you’ll get the WordPress installation screens.

It’s up now anyway…

…and I’d add really simple captcha to that contact form or you’ll get HAMMERED with spam once the bots index the site…

Yup, I’ve been messing with it. :slight_smile:
T Cat messaged me to say there is another company in existence with the same name :crazy:
According to the details it’s a dormant company though.

You can use your own hosting, we have all our own private hosting.

Apologies for hyjacking this thread…

My requirement is just for web space on a server.
Preferably free.

I have my own domain already and have written some HTML pages,
mostly pictures (gigs and bikes mainly).

I had them on the free 500 MB web space that came with
my broadband but they have discontinued that service now :angry:

Anyone know of a free or very cheap service that is pretty much DIY ?
I don’t need/want templates or restrictions just web space.

I guess things have gotten restrictive to stop dodgy people building
dodgy web sites :w00t:

The alternative would be to build my own web server but I suspect
that would p1ss off my ISP.


A web address doesn’t have to be a trading name, your way is better for SEO though. Even if they are still in business you can use that URL but may not be able to use the company name on there.

GoDaddy offer free hosting but it’s with ads lobbed in at the top, I think I’m paying around 3 quid a month for hosting at the moment…worth looking at maybe.

TSO hosting is only £14.99 per year and has auto installers for Wordpress and Joomla

I cannot recommend highly enough for hosting services. I’ve used them for years and have always received a fantastic service from them (free 24/7 live chat assistance has saved my arse countless times, especially when I deleted my website by accident - they back up your website every few hours, so I got it back within minutes phew).