How Do all.

How do everyone, Newbie here. Have looked longingly at your site for a while all the pics are of everyone smiling and looking like they is actually having a laff. Makes a change. So even though i am outside london on the M4 (not literarly ofcourse!.. Not that poor yet! Mind you Gordon and his banking chums are seeing to that!) I decided to join up, just wont be able to get to every meet but will try and get to the newbie one and some ride outs etc.

Look forward to meeting some of you lot. Ride a gixer and am still TOTALLY besotted with it.

Name of wolfboy cos i is got the nick wolfy but someone already has that here so that was the next most original thing i could come up with at short notice.


Welcome to LB.

But I must say I’m disappointed at being conned again (1st with titz). Very misleading names - I was expecting something like this?! :w00t:

Having said that - I do apologise if you’re really hairy like this :Whistling:

Hi and welcome aboard.

well i did’nt want to expose the werewolf in me just yet, hence the coverup. the shy people dont know how to handle the half man half wolf thing and the pervets just WANT to handle it…tsk

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

another gixxer rider!!! welcome :smiley:

cheers !

another wolf, grrrrrrr :w00t:


Hello and welcome…:smiley:

Welcome to the crazy world of LB

You may be a wolf but there are some scary cats on here so watch out :w00t::hehe:

how do chap…Welcome to LB:D

oh, i think i just peed a little there!!

cheers for the welcome peoples… eeek crazy cats?? Bloomin ek will watch out for them… is you like saying there is alot of pussy about then?


welcome to LB :slight_smile: