How did you find LB??????

I saw stickers on bikes @ the Ace so i thought i’d come and check it out, Not looked back since :wink:

Hey bordey :stuck_out_tongue:

I found it by chance when searching on google when I was looking at doing my test, then I met R1cky, Kev & Martinn at the Ace and I ain’t looked back since, wicked community :smiley:

A few of you joined some friends of mine on “Roys Ride” earlier this year and we thought we would repay the honour and come along to BM. Not looked back since, met some great people through the site and look forward to the time ahead.

Someone posted a link on Bandit Owners Club of Great Britain forums… I enjoyed reading te htreads more than on there so I joined

i too found it on google, looking for bike meets when i first past my test and never looked back since either, brill ppl and brill community

I found it on Google looking for forums. I took one look at this one and knew it was the best.:smiley:

I was looking for info on a Power Commander,and stumbled on it in Google.

I found londonbikers on google then met ricky and kev and martin at the ace:D

I found it through Good old Google

I found it a bit nutty but well seasoned:cool:

Have been aware of London Bikers for a while through bikers I know, and finally got round to taking a look.

I belonged to an R1 forum and I am a prospect member of ruff ryders europe, I went on the France ride last year so I guess I was posting leading up to that. I have never been to newbie night but have met many other LBers, and yes I do have LB stickers on my bike alongside my stickers:cool:

I got sent this way via GixerJunkies

pj mentioned the guys he’d met at borough market on wednesday nights called the london bikers, the orical that is google, and here i am…!


Through a mutual friend of myself and Foxy :cool:

Went on this years France run, that was fun and I’d just got the TL and wanted to get out for fun.

Thanks all…:slight_smile: