How could I resist...

I couldn’t not sign up after everyone’s encouragement on Sunny’s thread.

Yes, it’s Liz (aka Astro) here…the one who had the rear puncture! Talk about that in the relevant thread.

Anyway, you guys already know a little about me if you’ve read Sunny’s post. I commute into London from Gatwick on my silver CBF600. Only got it May and loving it to bits. It’s currently restricted as I didn’t do the DAS test, opted for the slighter easier option as I figured it would be less stressful, and fortunately passed with flying colours! Initially rode a CB250 as my commute then was a lot shorter (down the A40 from Northolt) but when I moved I felt I needed something with a bit more oomph. The restrictor comes off in February, so not much longer to wait.

Anyway, thanks to all those who have already given me such a warm welcome inspite of the fact that I hadn’t got around to signing up yet!

Liz (Astro)

Welcome Liz

Welcome to lb.

Hi Liz and welcome…!

Hey Liz, welcome to LB!

Hi Liz. Welcome to LB. Nice bike you have… be sure to keep air in them tyres now!

Hey there Liz, I’m a newbie myself, you’ll have loadsa fun on this site ! I’m hardly getting any work done.

grid girl

I’m about 5 foot 6.

The seat is adjustable on the CBF though. I have left mine on whatever the factory setting is. Didn’t need to change it and can get my feet comfortably on the ground. Mind you, my Daytona boots add a little bit of height.


Hello and welcome!


Welcome to LB!

poke poke with the newbie stick



Ouch Be gentle with me, I bruise easily!


Welcome to LB

Poke, poke n SLAP with da newbie stick

I think ChoccieMuffin has taken the day off


Yup. And last night too.

Here, Astro, you and goddess are going to have to share the arnica cream and I’ll look out the P.A.N.T.S. for you ready for the next newbie meet. Hope you can go, it’ll be good not to be the only newbie and there are loads of newbies going.


Hi and welcome to the LBs,


Hey liz, welcome to LB

Welcome Liz

Welcome to LB

greetings…welocme to Lb im a relative newbie …glad to see another cbf600 rider in the ranks.