how cool is this?

If this works as well as claimed what idea for your list to Santa:)

You been watching gmtv:) It was on there yesterday:)

I didn’t actually, but you obviously did;):stuck_out_tongue:

I see it purely by chance, honest;):stuck_out_tongue:

So did they rate it on telly?

I want that on my xmas list.

Yeh, said they were good, you can put some sort of powder in them or something, think they said baking powder, not sure for what. Maybe smell or to help drying. Tbh I wasn’t paying much attention:)

It was on THISMORNING not gmtv, just found the video on there site. Baking powder has deoderant(spelling) qualitys. You take the top of the heater tubes and put the powder in and it stops the boot getting smelly:)

Mine usually smell like pot purri anyway;):smiley:

I always struggled more with smelly gloves:w00t:

Smelly gloves you say? I heard a tip that if you seal your gloves in a placcy bag and then put them in the freezer overnight, the cold kills the bacteria that causes the smell and helps neutralise nasty niffs.

Downside: your hands will be fackin cold when you put them back on in the morning:hehe:

That’s cool, I want them on my list too! particularly the gloves one.

The one gadget does both boots and gloves

Wow I could have done with that after Brands Hatch the other week. What a great idea.