How come my yellow bike gets slated?

Look at this thread Mr Andrew so whats one yellow bike to another hey? You slate mine and not his?

I think your ZX6 is wicked Bro its just you I don’t like

Thanks I think lol!

Who would have brothers hey!

Nah I actually think the yellow is nicer than either the green or the red of that model. The Green was like a nasty bogie green

So I can’t understand the comments either, but hey what do I know about style I’ve got Grim Reapers all over my bike.

Hey dont slate mine, I have a friend his world starts and stops with his black K5 he doesnt like the yellow either but i do thats why i bought it, i nearly got myself a yellow ninja for a 1st bike that had just come out but wasnt too insurance friendly, my mate has yellow duke,

so there arent too many yellows out there thats what makes it different i have had 2 blue R6s so i wanted a change i stand by my choice, and i do like the Yellow ninja i mean how many green and reds do you see???

Chill man.

His bike is totally wicked, and yours is nice too, but I think more of an individual statement than a design classic.

You’ve just got a complex about it

No your just a nasty man! lol

Yellow rocks mate and I am jealous of not only your bike but your lid too! Fancy a swap?

How come? Where have I said your bike looks like a stack of cold custard?

I’ve said nowt.

Prepare to be edited.

Noooo don’t edit me lol You said it down the ace when we first met many moons ago back when it was summer!

er nope, i didnt say i liked yours that much