How can the dvla get away with it after all these years ? ? ?

Just been thinking “what a shock lol” The dvla are fully computerized yes? ? ?
Well if i read this correct and i do lol you pass your test or you mot your bike/car etc
And you entitlement or mot start from that date and runs for whatever period of time!
OK so why is it the tax system does NOT work that way? ?? After all the Police can see on their computer when your tax runs out so why if i tax a vehicle for six months or a year
Mid month do i loose 2 weeks or whatever ? ? ? We wouldn’t accept a dozen eggs with only 10 in the box so why do we accept that? ? ? I think it theft whats your take on it ? ??
Cheers Steve

because they’d have to print 365 different discs for the year instead of just 12 ? :slight_smile:

NOPE as police and dvla are fully computerized and the date stamp is on the disc they could still use the color and month system !
But the date on the disc should dictate the expiry NOT the month :stuck_out_tongue:
We live in a modern society where everything IS done by computer so the know and are just robbing the end user for buying a motor mid month and thats whats got my back up.
Cheers Steve