how bad is this!!!

:angry: i agree with this bit

“stunt riding will be plagued by this kind of farce until it has an official FIM-sanctioned championship: “Nobody knows what’s going on in stunting so there are no big sponsors, and riders are so strapped for cash they have to turn up for events like this in the hope of earning something”

Thats shocking news.

Watching the vid just confirms that you guys are complete nutters and extremely talented. Some unbelievable stunts :w00t:

Thats so horrible! :angry:
But the stunts are really awesome!

Thats really wrong what he’s done

my hat goes of to u stunters though

That stunt where he goes over the handlebars and does the somersault, I’ve done that, there was a bleedin’ car in my way at the time tho’ :smiley:

Great stuff tho, superb balance and a great show to see live I bet. Why were the girls penned in? :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing stuff, well impressed. :slight_smile: