How are....... ?

How are all the LB singlies spending Valentines day? Anyone feeling sorry for themselfs with nobody to love :w00t::hehe:

Im off on the town with the boys soon… My mates b’day on monday and we thought what better day to celebrate it than tonite cause well we cant on his actual b’day… Me and one of the other boys are gona drag him to the strip club when everywhere else is shut and get a dance for him :w00t: If he pulls we may let him off though… yeah rite :hehe:

ASBO I’m a singleton really, he’s in love with his bikes not me :smiley:

been to work. Having a couple of drinks and listening to some tunes. Going back in 8am tomorrow. Sweet.

Pulled 2 chicks tonite, well 3 if you count the girl im being set up with but she is fit, the other 2 i pulled in a strip club but before you ask they didnt work there, got 1 of there nums and there where mates :cool: Cant even beleive i cant write this shows how week my civi mates are and that i cant have drunk anywhere near as much as i normaly do cause i cant normaly even remember the nite :w00t:

is that ASB0 (with a zero) ASBO!!! and ASBO#1 :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

No ASBO!!! wasnt there it was THE ASBO :w00t::hehe:

went to the ACE and met a few LBers, had a nice afternoon, even the hot choc was better than usual:D

Oh yeah i still owe you one

yeah i know:P wonder when i will have the pleasure to drink it tho:D

Umm duno, i’ll give you one when i finaly get my bike back together and on the road

and Sneaky also owes me one lol

Are you ever gona have to pay for one again :hehe:

maybe not if we play I spy more often and I guess it right:D

Well i spy with my little eye something begining with C

ASBO i think you should start a new topic with I spy so that everybody can see and join in:D

you mean so you can get more people owing you hot chocolate

yeah you can put it like that too:D

I think you need to see somebody about your addiction :w00t:

wot addiction? im not addicted to anyfink…but will be to hot choc soon:D