How are ya and who are ya ?

Hello everyone, I am new here but not to Ace

How are ya and who are ya ?

Tim R1


Im fine, bit knackered just got back from the gym, wishing i could stunt like u in the pic!!!


Hoochie Mama! Like the avatar like the bike.

I’m Andrew, cold, hungry and too far north for this time of year. But by this evening, that’ll all be sorted. Except I’ll still be me tho…

Welcome and enjoy, the view is great. I’d start here …

Welcome to the forum! Nice avatar.

I’m Damian AKA Hennessy… lol, Andrew knows the best place to start. Also put up some pix of your R1 in the ‘Members Gallery’. Tis an LB must


hi welcome, i’m darryl nice avatar

Amateurs-tim… Hello and welcome to LB… Catch you at the Ace sometime…

Hi tim and welcome to LB

Hi, welcome to LB

Hey Tim, welcome to LB!

Hello everyone,

Ghostie whats happnin geezer - let me know when you wanna start doin that dvd

Hi Foxy - think I have seen you up ace

Hi Darrly - thanks matey

Hi Hennessy - I will post some pics up mate

Hi andrew - up north ??

Hi thanutz - get yourself ****ty bike and practice matey

Hi project9928 - Thanks

BIKE2TRAVEL - thanks mate

Jay- cheers dude !

Hi Tim and Welcome Tony here see you at the ace sometime

Hi Tony,

you going on wednesday ? I,m going with one of me mates as its harley and buells I think.

yeah i might do Mate see you there with a bit of luck lol

Welcome to the LB club m8 great avitar

Thanks Neil,

Got a picture on here of you gixer ?