How are u doing?

I had a wicked two days in Germany and Austria! Just waitin for my flight now…

Thanks for the skis MiniMo! (I’ve got some goooood stuff for u as promised)I’ve found out that I’m a born skier!

I’ll see u hopefully on friday in Soho!!




Wayout dude!


Looks like you’ve had a superb time! … Love that new toy … just wicked!!

Hahaha, nice one Rottie! Though if you’d have waited a few days, I’m sure you wouldn’t have needed to go abroad to see some snow! Enjoy yourself

Glad to see that someone was colder than me Rottie!

Welcome back


Look more like lollipop sticks to me

where have you been skiing?

Looks like you had fun Rottie…

Are you size obsessed mr.A?

I stayed at my brother’s in Munich but went skiing to Austria, to Hexen"something" Gletscher , all the others were closed because the season starts on saturday…

where did u get the radio controlled gsxr thats awesome!!!

I didn’t get it, I just saw it in the shop. I can get you one if you want. My brother can buy it and send to me. You should hear the sound that it was making!!! Like a real Yoshi or Akra!LOL

But the question on everyone’s lips is did you get air?

Did I what?

Big air…

I was too afraid to brake the skis so I didn’t jump too high

(That’s the official wersion!!)

But I did feel comfortable on few rides down from over 2500m, I think that’s not bad for a first day!

I wanna buy a pair of these SnowBlades and go skiing for Christmas.