How 2,500 hairy (and lairy) bikers ruined family's £4,000 Caribbean cruise by staging belly-flopping contests and having sex in hot tubs

Oooops wrong boat madam :smiley: Daily Wail

I wanna go! :smiley:

Isn’t that senior from American chopper in the first two photos?

And why can’t the Daily Mail drown in it’s own hate.

Says a LOT for Harley-Davidson shock absorbers.

Front and centre - that looks like Paul Junior and Paul Senior of Orange County Choppers

or have I been watching too much daytime TV

Wannabees lacking in the tattoo department.

I’m not so sure

I looked at Paul Seniors right left arm at 1600% zoom and the pixels appear really smooth compared to the rest of his skin - possible airbrushed

Way too much free time…:laugh: