House Party at The Ace Cafe

Hey Everyone,
we are running a new night at the Ace Cafe.

No Maxwell house?

Sorry m8, not my cup of tea (or coffee, lol) at all.

Tobi Tuft…LOL Sorry…sorry

Is he like part shaven or something?..LOL…sorry

Blame it on the vodka.

come along and see …

I do like old Skoolhouse as you call it, but i go back to when Chicago house came over in the 80s, now thats proper house music.

So the Ace is becoming The “Hammer House” of Horrors then…

Tis a sad day a commeth !!

i like a good bit of hard house…but the ace should stick too motorhead and a bit of acdc…

i go to San Antoni in Ibiza for the weekend for my fix…sorry dude…just dosnt seem right having it at the ace…


Not going to ‘Ibeefa’ in July are you Smiled? Im going for a few days beginning of July!

i love that island to death!!!..

havnt booked tickets yet…but may do july/aug…



Make it the 4th to the 8th!

i’ll give it a goo hunny…we can meet here!!!

i took that on my mobile phone…great picture aint it?

thats my special place……go to the same spot every year…ahhh i feel warm now…



Look hun, im a good swimmer, but not THAT good a swimmer!!

Looks gorgeous though! This is gonna be my first trip to Ibiza, so im technically a virgin

8 days to go !!!

Well from Rock"n"Roll to popping pills you get it all at Ace Caf’e should be another good night of lots? of people in the car park… and an empty dance floor! bring back Rock Bitch (full house) all is forgiven!

strange you say that went last night to the ACE they played ROCK "n"ROLL
and guess what… the dance floor was empty…

Is that because FRIDAY NIGHT IS BIKE NIGHT . So that mite tell you a little bit why the dance floor was empty.