House for rent in Central Kingston

Just put my house for rent with Foxtons…

pm me If you want check it out… Will do it cheap for someone I can trust.

Not putting details on here other than to say it is very central (5 mins to station) - has parking and a garden and has 2 1/2 bedrooms.

I’m on the hunt for somewhere to live at the moment, Is central Kingston in kingston upon thames? (not that good on my london areas).

He’s not on here very often as he doesn’t have much access to the internet so we’ll answer on Nick’s behalf and yes, it is.

Foxtons has some of the highest charging rates around for landlords! Avoid at all costs! there are far better agents about. I should know as I work for many agents.

Yer this bad boy is well and truly close. Remember when I worked there.

I will ask my gaffer if he knows anyone looking as he lives over that way.

Cheers guys … it’s been rented now.

Thx for the effort.