Hot Sweaty Leathers

For the price of being as protected as possible from those pesky car drivers, I have been boiling in my leathers over the past couple of days as anyone at Cubana would have noticed when i dismounted the blade

What is the best way to freshen up and clean the internals of your leathers?

I was thinking of soaking them in the bath as i’m not sure if dry cleaning is good enough.

While i’m on the same topic, what about boots, gloves and lid.

Buying an undersuit from EDZ or similar (alpinstars/Clover to name a few) is a good idea as it is breathable so you need not boil, thin so flowing air cools you down still, and absorbs sweat and any other bodily fluids that might leak out (not naming names).

Stick it in the washer, and bingo you are factory fresh again.

Not that that’s any use here tho…

‘Febreeze’ is a good aid…

saying that, prevention is better than cure…

invest in a set of thermals.


they will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter and they are easy to clean and keep sweat off your leathers…

of course you can get one piece undersuits designed for the job but they can get pricey!!

Just got back from a week in France where is was 36 degrees most days so the leathers need a “bit” of a clean . I use a hard brush and a mild detergent, such as dreft or any hand washing soap power should do it. You will need a mild detergent so as not to damage the leather.

Turned the leathers inside out, filled a bowl with hot soapy water and gave um a damn good scrubbing, then hung them on the line. Once dry turned um back the right way and did the same to the outside of um. You could soak your glove using a mild detergent and once dry use a leather feeder. Always worked for me in the past.

As for your Lid. It depends on what type of lid you have. Some you can take out the inner pads and the outer coverings are removeable, take um off and wash um by hand. If not I guess you can try to wash them while in place and leave to dry!!!

Check out the Autoglym range, very good kit.

I’ve had my leathers since 1998. Not been washed once.

try using babywipes to freshen them on a daily basis. I’ve used dainese leather cleaner on my leather troos and that seems to work well. Failing that, baby shampoo on a damp sponge and then towel off will work. don’t use any harsh detergents or it will impair the quality of the leather.

Thats just bad!!

but saying that - while their drying in the sun - you could be out on the bike!!

yeah, I know it sounds bad. But to be honest, their black, so you wouldn’t know they are dirty, and well, they actually just smell, of well, leather I think. They are no doubt absolutely filthy but then most of the time Im moving!!

No need to stand clear of me though when I next go to cubana!

Good useful thread

I think after this summer/trackdays etc (and when my new ones arrive) I’ll just have to throw mine in the bin!!!

Rather safe than sorry! It was nice to see you and your blade girl

Clean leathers, whats that all about.

My last pair were realy grubby, all the white bits were black, loads of scars, only cleaned them down with that nikwax stuff last week. As for cleaning the inside, who cares, do you sniff them of have someone that likes sniffing them?

anyone else going to join me and TSM in the stinky leather group?

This reply removed due to dodgy content of a sexual nature.

Yup never washed me leathers, they clean themselves and they never smell, they just smell of leather. Bikers are supposed to be dirty!

Trust you Pete!

I remember a few years ago I used to get back from a ride with L on her firestorm (see - twin for gurls ) and in the summer I’d unzip my leathers and flop down on the sofa then she’d come out of the bedroom and help me out of them.

One Sunday, I cottoned on to the fact that she was slinking out of her dianesse solo, and in super quick time. The secret, she told me, was wearing tights underneath, that, she assured me, kept her cool in summer and warm in winter.

Next Sunday I was well up for it, and I’m all set in a slinky flesh-tone pair. I was just about to put my leathers on when I changed my mind.

“What’s up?”

“I’ve no doubt this is a good idea, but what if I have a drama and they take my leathers off, They will no doubt think I’m some kinda high-speed perv!”

“Pete, everyone knows you’re a perv, It’s just the specific type that’s open to question”

Well, I never did try 'em.

My way is best and probably most peeps (ok, men) agree, we dont like cleaning (apart from ourselfd) and that extends to leathers.

LOL Pete, brilliant! Under-suits are the way to go.

Biker: It’s a undersuit

Paramedic: It looks like stockings to me sir!