Hot starting Yamaha XT350

I have just bought an old Yamaha XT350 (4 valve) to do a bit of green laning weekends.

It is not fitted with an electric start. This is not much of a hardship. In fact i quite like it, reminds me of my first bike back in the day.

My problem is when its cold it starts first kick. But when it is hot it is a Mother F…R!!! It will not start at all. Eventually it will go after a bit of coughing and farting kicking .It is pretty exhausting. Sometimes i have to leave it a while while i get my breath back. But it is bloody inconvenient at the traffic lights.

I looked at a couple of websites who say it is a common problem with that model. But offer no advice.

Be greatful for yours.



i would start by checking the valve clearances… :wink: