Hot rod cars and bike meet in Chingford

I was asked to put this on here

It’s in new road Chingford, Frankie & Bennies Restaurant Last friday of the month,

Thats this Friday <G>

lots of hot rod cars and a lot of bikes (mostly Harley’s so not to everyones taste)

Well I went last night had a great time there looking at all the cars, there where a few bikes, some Harleys, some sports bikes too

Here are some pics I took





more pics





Thats looks a busy old meet. I like the Mk3 Cortina in the background of the first pic, loves those cars.

It was busy and there was a mark3 there with a cosworth engine in it <G>

Great photos, thanks Ian. Looks like a meet I’ll definitely get down to soon - gotta love those American classics!

i thought bout going last night, but in end just came home to relax, defo might go next mth tho, if ur going remind me nearer time

Come on guys get a grip… move with the times… ban this dangerous event…

Ohhh sorry I just came down with a bad case of NIMBYitus…

Nice pics!

Cheap shot sorry…

Chingford not a million miles away from me, will try and make it down there

The next meeting there will be the 28/7/06

i won’t be there as I will be working

that seems well cool…

i know my cos will love that one…

ps. where is chingford???

It’s in Essex innit…

aah MacP always helpful

a bit more directions would be useful… you know Janine and her 3 hour trip to stratford… hehehe…

please it would take her months to find the place…

Keep meaning to go down there, my mate sometimes takes his mk1 tina.

Chingford is near walthamstow, about 2mins from the billet roundabout (Walthamstow dog track) on the A406.

thanks Highside… thats way cool then - walthamstow aint that far from here…

You love a HOT ROD, do ya?

Who wouldnt Fran, they’re big and powerful…

but then again you all know how much I like cars…

(ducking behind the couch)

Chingford is not far from Walthamstow, at the roundabout on A406 turn towards Chingford, then turn right at the lights by the shops that New Road, It’s down there about 1/2 mile on the right, look for the Benny & jerrys Restaurant

This is happening tonight

anyone going??


I can’t make it tonight , I’ll be working but it’s worth going to

you could always pop in and see me on your way there , I’m in station road chingford (fish and chip shop about half way down)